Blix Solutions

Point-To-Point Ethernet


International and national capacity services Blix Solutions delivers capacity services on our own point-of-presence locations, and together with other partner networks extend our reach.
  • Layer2 circuits, based on EoMPLS
  • 24/7/365 Service Level Agreement
  • Redundancy via MPLS backbone protection
  • Fractional circuits from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Jumbo-frame, up to and beyond MTU 9000 supported
  • Can be combined with other services on the same port

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    Reliable connections for the nordics

    The below table has the latency metrics, measured from router to router in our network. RTD is short hand for Round Trip Time, which measures the time in milliseconds in takes for a ping packet to reach the destination and respond back to the source.
    RTD Oslo Kristiansand Stavanger Stockholm Copenhagen Helsinki London Amsterdam New York City Dallas Singapore
    Oslo X 4ms 8ms 7ms 7ms 12ms 16ms 22ms 84ms 122ms 172ms
    Kristiansand 4ms X 4ms 12ms 4ms 16ms 20ms 20ms 88ms 124ms 180ms
    Stavanger 8ms 4ms X 12ms 8ms 20ms 12ms 24ms 88ms 120ms 180ms
    Stockholm 7ms 12ms 12ms X 7ms 6ms 23ms 20ms 97ms 126ms 186ms
    Copenhagen 7ms 4ms 8ms 7ms X 13ms 16ms 10ms 90ms 113ms 173ms
    Helsinki 12ms 16ms 20ms 6ms 13ms X 27ms 35ms 100ms 132ms 187ms
    London 16ms 20ms 12ms 23ms 16ms 27ms X 6ms 70ms 106ms 163ms
    Amsterdam 22ms 20ms 24ms 20ms 10ms 35ms 6ms X 76ms 123ms 160ms
    New York City 84ms 88ms 88ms 97ms 90ms 100ms 70ms 76ms X 33ms  
    Dallas 122ms 124ms 120ms 126ms 113ms 132ms 106ms 123ms 33ms    
    Singapore 172ms 180ms 180ms 186ms 173ms 187ms 163ms 160ms      
    Latency metrics for the Blix Solutions network