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Our Edge Datacenter Locations

When choosing an edge data center site, it’s not enough to be geographically near the edge users. In Norway, most networks have a limited set of edge routers, and they are usually centrally placed in their network – in Oslo. To have a competitive edge data center, it needs to be close to the endusers also in connectivity. Our carefully chosen edge locations have this network advantage.

Stavanger Customer

Blix edge: Stavanger

Our edge location in Stavanger is directly connected to the local peering exchange SIX where we have peering with Microsoft Azure – which have their regional pop nearby at Green Mountain Rennesøy, peering with Uninett which is the Norwegian research network, and also we peer with other professional networks which have deployed routers with a “hot potato” routing scheme in the region, also we have local transit customers, and some PNI (dedicated peering circuits).

To complete it even further our network is connected via a low-latency fiber wavelength connection from Stavanger to London, which provides a network latency of only 12 ms RTT (round trip time) to UK.

This edge location is ideal for low latency applications that want a low latency to users in the Europe, Nordics and UK, a good example of such an application could be game servers.

Stavanger site benefits:

  • Ultra low latency to UK
  • Low latency to the Nordics
  • Local peering on SIX
  • Near Azure

Edge data centers are small data centers that are located close to the edge of a network. They provide the same devices found in traditional data centers, but are contained in a smaller footprint, closer to end users and devices.

Did you know? If you rent an internet circuit from Blix Solutions to your office, we will connect your circuit directly to our nearest edge location, so you benefit from improved latency.

Blix edge: Kristiansand

Our edge location in Kristiansand is directly connected to the local peering exchange FIXO Kristiansand, in addition we have fiber wavelength connections to Oslo and Stavanger, in addition to a direct fiber wavelength over Skagerrak to our location in Copenhagen.

This edge location is located at the N01 data center Campus, which is a location that will be able to support huge hyperscale work loads. Our connectivity over Skagerrak provides a low latency connection to central Europe. In addition our connectivity via Stavanger-London provides a low latency connection over to the UK from this location.

Kristiansand site benefits:

  • Local peering on FIXO Kristiansand
  • Direct Skagerrak route to Copenhagen
  • High capacity and low latency to Amsterdam

To increase reliability in the case of a failure of a fiber in our network all nodes have backbone protection with IP/MPLS, which automatically and transparently reroutes traffic to a working link.

Other locations? See our colocation page.