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Blix Data Center (BDC)

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Our own 1MW facility in Oslo, Norway – OPENED 2021

🗄️ Current server rack capacity

🗄️ 32 racks which are 75cm width, 107cm depth racks, 42U height

🗄️ 168 racks which are 60cm width, 120cm depth racks, 42U height

⚡ Power capacity

⚡ Currently installed 400V 1600kVA (1MegaWatt for servers + cooling!)

⚡ Backup generator


⚡ A and B 11kW 16A-3ph feed to each rack

☀️ Network equipment is powered by solar panels

⚡ Available power systems

⚡ 400V 3phase AC / 230V 1phase AC

⚡ 350V DC

⚡ 48V DC

Rack cube. Hot Isle Containment.

📄 Certifications

The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation is the first national certification scheme in Europe to be recognised by the European Commission. The recognition verifies that the scheme holds the standard and quality on a par with international eco-labelling schemes (EMAS and ISO 14001).
Climate Neutral Data Center Pact
ISO 27001:2022 Certified
Energy mark: B

♻️ Cooling and heat

♻️ 100% renewable power. (Hydroelectric)

♻️ Local reuse of waste heat to heat building. (similar as this video link)

♻️ Future planned remote supply of heat to district heating.

Room to grow

🌩️ Network capacity

🌩️ Redundant meet-me network rooms with inexpensive cross-connects.

🌩️ Racks are pre-cabled with at least 24 fibers to each meet-me room.

🌩️ Dark fiber providers on-net

  • Telia
  • Telenor
  • Hafslund Fiber
  • GlobalConnect
  • Viken Fiber

🌩️ Network/metro providers on-site:

🌩️ Local peering fabrics on site

🌩️ Network latency (Round Trip Delay)

Oslo – London as low as 15ms (on north sea route)

Oslo – Copenhagen around 7ms

Oslo – Stockholm around 7ms

Oslo – Amsterdam as low as 15ms (on COBRA route)

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Hardware vendors

Network equipment provider
Fiber distribution systems
Rack cabinets, PDUs, breakers
Power distribution
Cooling and heat recovery
350V DC and Solar MPPT solution