Blix Solutions

Environmental, Social and Governance values

Sirin Hellvin Stav (Byråd for miljø og samferdsel) handing the Eco-Lighthouse certification to Blix Data Center, after Eirik Blix had a speech about Blix Solutions’ ESG values at Oslo Rådhus.


  • Our communication services help replace physical polluting journeys, with a sustainable digital experience.
  • We reuse excess heat from our data centers to heat our offices, and offer it for sale to others.
  • We participate in the circular economy with repair, reuse, and resale of used equipment.
  • We are a part of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, which aims to make data centers climate neutral by 2030.
  • We use solar panels to create local sustainable power for our network equipment.
  • We regularly upgrade equipment, using leading technology to save energy.
  • We use power from renewable sources, preferably hydro power.
  • We provide EV charging stations, and use electric vans.


  • We pay competitive wages, compensate overtime, and ensure the same is true for hired consultants.
  • We offer a Norwegian standard 37,5 hour work week, and focus on work/life balance.
  • We offer all sandwiched days between weekend and holidays as additional paid leave.
  • We hire on a full time basis whenever possible.
  • We offer unlimited vacation days.


  • We prefer to source from companies with a defined and positive ESG policy.
  • We use digital tools to verify invoices are according to agreements.
  • We have a process to verify our customers, and vendors.

Questions about our ESG values

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