Blix Solutions

10 reasons smart companies choose co-location services

Blix Solutions provides the service co-location in data centre, also more commonly known as server housing.

The following reasons are the reasons why your company should move your IT-infrastructure to a data center.

  • Accountability and access controls.

Data centers give you a guarantee / SLA for the uptime of your system, which helps you assess risk.

  • Reliability

Data centers have redundant power feeds, generator backed power, automatic fire suppression systems, conditioned air temperature, conditioned humidity, and strict access controls.

  • Assurance

Data centers are built with assurance in mind, taking into account all build risk factors, e.g. fire.

  • Competence

Data center staff can offload your IT staff (“remote smart hands”)

  • Capacity

Data centers have vast amount of bandwidth available, so there will be no bottlenecks for your services

  • Quality

You will be able to offer increased quality to your customers, in your products.

  • Serviceability

Having your servers in a dedicated data center for IT equipment makes service easy.

  • Peace of mind

Letting someone else worry about IT infrastructure frees you from a lot of head-ache.

  • Performance

New equipment in co-location, like with our dedicated servers, let you be able to use the newest equipment with out any upfront investment.

  • Cost-savings

Having equipment in a data center, means that you don’t need to do any investment into a local server room in your offices. The cost savings can be substantial. You will not need to spend money on servicing or maintaining air conditioning, UPS maintenance, and your IT-staff will not be occupied in the server room.